Earning opportunities for those who are not afraid of risk and are ready to understand the features of digital currencies.

Everyone talks about cryptocurrencies and of course many are jealous of those who bought bitcoins for $10 a long time ago and are now chocolate. There are people who think that they will have time to get on the last car of the "Cryptocurrency - Cloudless Pension" train. Next, I will talk about the most interesting and popular ways to make money with cryptocurrencies, but it is not a fact that you can increase your money.

1. Mining

Meaning: Simply put, it is the mining of cryptocurrencies in exchange for a reward. It is necessary to assemble a farm (a computer consisting of a dozen powerful video cards with special software) for the cryptocurrency that you want to mine.

advantages: yes

Less :

Conclusion: fun is not cheap. At least 1.5 million rubles will be needed to organize a more or less active farm that will bring you income.

2. Cloud operation

Meaning: You buy electricity from other miners, while you yourself do not have the equipment. Mining accessible to all.


Less :

In a nutshell: suitable for those who want to participate in the cryptocurrency career and earn the new profession of "miner". Cloud mining allows you to mine different types of coins at the expense of other miners, and you do not need to have a lot of money to enter this business.

3. Buy cryptocurrencies on an exchange

Meaning: open your account on the exchange, transfer money, buy or sell cryptocurrencies.


Less :

Conclusion: quite an interesting way for diligent people who are ready to monitor currency prices, fluctuations in their exchange rate 24/7 and react instantly. To earn money you have to invest a lot.

4. Purchase and storage of cryptocurrencies in an electronic wallet

Meaning: start an electronic wallet or register with one of the payment systems that allow you to store cryptocurrencies. Buy a cryptocurrency, forget about it for a long time, and its price can go up.


Less :

Conclusion - an option for those who do not want to monitor currency quotes every day. It is mandatory to have an electronic wallet: online - for operations, offline - for storage (it is almost impossible to hack it).

5. Buy crypto on one exchange and sell on another

Meaning: There are many cryptocurrency exchanges where you can often see a significant difference in the value of bitcoin. It can reach 100-200 dollars for 1 bitcoin. You buy on one and sell on the other, earning on the difference in rate.

Advantages: You can earn enough money per day, it all depends on the amount of investment and the number of transactions.

Less :

Bottom line: You need to be persistent and work fast so that the cryptocurrency rate doesn't drop while you buy it in one place and transfer it to another. It is worth starting with bitcoin, because it is the most interesting in terms of exchange difference.

6. Mutual fund analogs

Meaning: You choose an administrator in your personal account on the site who will invest your funds in cryptocurrencies. You can see the amount of the manager's cash portfolio and the profits that he brings to investors.


Less :

Conclusion: a fairly risky instrument with high profitability.

7. An analogue of trust management

Meaning: Invest your money in a certain community of cryptocurrency brokers who use your funds to play the stock market and share income with you on a daily basis.


Less :

Bottom line: a very risky tool, as there are signs of a pyramid.

Now there are many opportunities to earn money with cryptocurrencies, but not all ways are as easy and safe as they seem. Assess your risks and opportunities. And remember: the safest thing, as a famous person said, is to keep the money in a savings bank!


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